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Welcome to the 13th issue. Last week we have announced a giveaway and here is the winner: Lawrence Dizon. Congrats Lawrence. Thanks, everyone for participating in the giveaway 🙏. Keep an eye on the Twitter page for more giveaways.
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It’s stories everywhere. Are you a Flutter or React Native Developer who uses VSCode? You have got stories for VSCode. Ben Awad had created the VSCode package which adds the story features to your IDE. Check out his funny intro video about the package.
Keep coding. Stay safe.
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🔥 Top Mobile News / Releases
Dev Releases:
  • Apple announces special event for November 10: ‘One more thing’ - Apple has officially announced its third event in three months. The event will take place on November 10 at 10 a.m. PT, and Apple has invited everyone to tune in remotely with the tagline “One more thing.” This event is expected to focus on the upcoming transition to Apple Silicon in the Mac lineup, with Apple having promised its first Apple Silicon machine would come before the end of the year.
  • Privacy-preserving features in the Mobile Driving License - Through facilities such as hardware-based Keystore, Android already offers excellent support for security and privacy-sensitive applications and in fact, it’s already possible to implement the ISO 18013-5 standard on Android without further platform changes. Many organizations participating in the ISO committee have already implemented 18013-5 Android apps.
  • Apple says new ‘nutrition labels’ for app privacy will be required starting December 8 - Apple has announced today that developers will be required to provide new privacy details to users in the App Store starting December 8. These privacy “nutrition labels” were first introduced at WWDC over the summer, with Apple saying the goal is to better inform consumers of the privacy practices of individual applications. Here are the official announcements.
  • Presidential election hoaxes: Tech giants act, FBI investigating - Three tech giants had to take action in response to presidential election hoaxes. This included Twitter placing a warning on a tweet by Donald Trump, which falsely accused the Democrats of trying to ‘steal’ the election.
  • Google One’s VPN is rolling out on Android; here’s how to use it - Last month, Google announced that higher tier plans of Google One would be getting a VPN service for Android, iOS, and more. Google One’s VPN service has begun rolling out to Android devices in the United States; here’s a quick guide on how to use it.
  • Apple ordered to pay $502.8 million for infringing VirnetX VPN patents - In another chapter of the legal battle between Apple and VirnetX, a jury in Texas decided today in a 90-minute session that Apple will be required to pay an additional $502.8 million for infringing patents of the security software company VirtneX.
  • WhatsApp finally begins rolling out payment service in India - Facebook is rolling out its WhatsApp payment service for users in India after receiving approval from the country’s regulators. The service first launched in India as a beta in 2018, but a full rollout was delayed for years by concerns about data storage and sharing.
🍎 iOS Articles
🤖 Android Articles
⚔️ Flutter & React Native
React Native
📈 Trending Dev blogs
🛠 Dev Tools & Open Source
  • Flutter Package - android_intent 0.3.7+7
  • Docstring Action - This Github Action generates docstrings for your Python functions with the Ponicode AI engine (this action is currently in beta version)
  • Hellonext - Hellonext is a feature voting software where you can allow your users to vote on features, publish a roadmap, and complete your customer feedback loop.
  • Bytesized - Newsletter: Demystifying the past, present, and future of software and computing in ten minutes or less, once a week.
  • Dendron - Dendron is an open-source, local-first, Markdown-based, note-taking tool built on top of VSCode.
  • Flat illustrations - A must-have illustration pack for website and application UI, we focused on creating the most wanted compositions for business, online stores, and marketing
  • Code Anywhere - Data to decide on the future of work
🎤 Events & Webinars
January 2021
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